Message from the Chair of the Mind & Life Institute

Thank you for your keen interest and ongoing support of the Mind & Life Institute. After 25 exciting and productive years as Co-founder, Chair and CEO of the Mind & Life Institute, I have been contemplating how best to transition my leadership positions in a way that is proactive, thoughtful and most effectively supports our mission and vision. At our recent Board meeting in late March, the Mind and Life Board took a step forward in executing this transition by appointing Dr. Alfred Kaszniak as interim CEO while we conduct a search for a permanent CEO. Al has served on the Mind and Life Program and Research Council since its formation in 2009, and as Mind and Life’s Chief Academic Officer since July, 2010.

You can read about Al’s distinguished career on the following websites:

This restructuring will enhance our ability to continue to implement our current initiatives with excellence, and continue to provide capable leadership in today’s changing economic and scientific environment. I will remain Chair of the Board, responsible for refining strategy, developing collaborative partnerships, cultivating and deepening relationships with our financial partners, and working with our search committee to recruit a new CEO. Diego Hangartner will remain COO and Head of International, reporting to Dr. Kaszniak.

Mind and Life began 25 years ago with periodic dialogues with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Ten years ago, we added contemplative research to our agenda and began to develop the fields of Contemplative Neuroscience, Contemplative Clinical Science and Contemplative Education. Our efforts have been remarkably successful and these emerging fields are expanding rapidly. None of this progress would have been possible without your keen interest and ongoing support, for which we are eternally grateful.

Please join us in celebrating this milestone as Mind and Life begins to transition its leadership to the next generation.

With love and warmest regards,

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