Mind and Life Institute Winter 2013 Newsletter


1 – Letter from the President
2 – Mind and Life Strategic Vision
3 – Mind and Life Europe – New Directions and Opportunities
4 – Scientific and Buddhist Thought Meet in South India
5 – Al Kaszniak Retires from Mind and Life Chief Academic Officer Position
6 – Mind and Life to Launch New Initiative on Secular Ethics
7 – Mind and Life Celebrates 25 Years, Looks Ahead: A Meeting of Minds
8 – New Board Member: Barry Hershey
9 – Mindfulness in the House of Commons
10 – Visiting Scholars Program and Residential Research Workshops
11 – Arthur Zajonc: Physicist, Contemplative, President
12 – Wendy Hasenkamp: Practitioner, Academic, Contemplative Scientist
13 – Mind and Life Staff
14 – Why Give?


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